Peace and security can only be achieved by the openness,
freedom of speech, breaking taboos in dialogue and actions
Georgi Vanyan, peace activist, Film and theater director from Armenia Latest guest at the Hamburg Foundation for Politically Persecuted People, Press Release, 2 March 2016, Hamburg/ Armenia / Tekali more
One, far from being fine day, dozens of law enforcement officers were “welcomed” in the family of Mushfig Namazov instead of civil activists. According to eyewitnesses, it looked like an attack.
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The idea of creating the peacemaking, freedom and cooperation zone at the intersection of borders of three South Caucasian republics emerged in 2010.
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There was something else that set the meeting in Tekali apart from many other Armenian-Azerbaijani projects: None of the speakers took on the role of spokesperson for official policies, no-one took up the positions held by the presidents, ministers and their spin doctors.
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During the escalation of the conflict House of Peace was founded in Tekali under the open sky, where Armenians and Azerbaijanis lived together in a peaceful and safe land of Georgia, as close to the front as possible.
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